Timothy Lefkowitz

Freelance Photographer based in Texas

New Goals

It's South by South West time here in Austin, Tx, Downtown is crazy so many creatives and fun people just roaming the streets looking for fun performances to see, fun films to watch. I'm trying to capture the madness but something wasn't clicking today. I could hardly shoot any shots. Inspiration and my timing can be conflicts of my goals on so many occasions in my life. 

I wanted to write up a essay and here are my thoughts. A couple of goals for next year around this time: 1: Have a completed and satisfying short film

2: Complete a body of work that is geared towards one thought

3: Have WORK for SXSW, What I mean by work is be on the list for some sort of staff photographer at a venue anywhere for SXSW.

Seeing so many staff photographers just made me a little frustrated and annoyed frankly