Timothy Lefkowitz

Freelance Photographer based in Texas


With a loss of an eye at the age of 13, awareness awakened. With a new appreciation for the presence of light, that is vision, came knowledge and I began my journey for technical skill, influence and passion to capture my visions through not photography, but through moving images, film. Coming home from the hospital after the life changing eye injury, the closet is where I found my first tool; a video camera from Japan. Having japanese characters for all the buttons and functions, my first camera was a challenge but my aim for technical perfection began that day. After a handful of projects I began to realize there are many aspects that create quality in a work. At some point I realized I needed to step back and focus more on the building structures of great compositions; color, light, shadow, shape. I found photography as a suitable form of study, that would eventually build into a more sound structure for film. These two mediums have always intertwined in my life. Today I consider myself a photographer but also a visual artist. Sculpture, print, digital, physical, light can be captured in multiple forms. Being selected to archive light will improve my person. I anticipate a body of work that opens minds to question the makings of their environment, right down to the elementary particles that Einstein once defined. Whatever form my work may take, my primary goal for artistic expression at this moment in time would be to uncover the omnipresence of light to the viewer. Hopefully it will bring a sense of euphoria and connection of experiences that are quintessentially human. Working with multiple artists as an assistant, not limited to just photography but in the contemporary art world as well, has taken me out of the typical photographic mindset. My background includes Digital Archiver(SaySi), Studio Tech (Artpace), Installation Coordinator, Director of Photography (Doldrums), Curator, Photojournalism (Many events such as weddings, galas, concerts), Art Director (Richter Co, Country Club Company). Becoming as flexible as I can with physical creativity is my primary purpose. A couple of notable Assets and credentials, Cancer Survivors (PBS Solo Show, Botanical Gardens), 25 under 25 (SaySi), Instituto Cultural De Mexico (Fotoseptiembre USA Signature Exhibits), Light Matters (F!ght solo show), Flickr (Most Interesting, Front page), Chalk It Up 2015(ArtPace) and many others. In conclusion, my vision of work will continue to grow and change throughout my life. Taking the present for what it brings me while expanding on my work to bring enlightenment through my environment. Email: timsphotography@gmail.com #: 612.562.6492 San Antonio, Tx